UNIWA F50 push-to-talk handset

Push-to-Talk over Cellular

Walkie Talkie Two-Way Radio


Traditional Walkie Talkie

Walkie Talkie a.k.a Push-to-Talk were initially designed to transmit and receive voice messages through voice channels on specified radio frequencies.

The iconic push-to-talk buttons are introduced on Walkie Talkie handsets to enable ease of access to communicate via a single button push. You can easily switch between voice channels as well to keep your communication organized.

Walkie Talkies is an essential communication means for many business operations today.

old push-to-talk handset
UNIWA push-to-talk handset

Push-to-Talk over Cellular

Push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) is essentially a Walkie Talkie system on cloud. PoC utilizes the ever progressing internet infrastructure that are widely used and accessible by everyone.

Most PoC solutions are operating on the popular iOS/Android systems for mobile devices with bank grade encryption (AES-256) to protect and keep your communication private.

This allows puts your Walkie Talkie communication on the same digitalized platform as the rest of your business applications so they can work in tandem on a single device!

Traditional Walkie TalkiePush-to-Talk over Cellular
+ direct connection+ easy to set up
+ unlimited coverage
+ no need to apply for licenses
+ work with iOS/Android
+ unlimited talk group and channels
+ able to take photos and send files
– hassle to set up
– limited coverage
– requires radio frequency license
– cannot run other business apps
– cannot take photos or send files
– over the cloud connection
– requires internet connection
push-to-talk mobile handsets

LINX Mobile Application

Our mobile application works on any iOS/Android devices turning them into a walkie talkie communication handset effectively. Also known as a mobile unit.

As the application is designed to replicate a walkie talkie, you can assign custom buttons on your device as the PTT button. The software can operate in the background with locked screen and you can communicate using the assigned PTT button!

There is no complication on setting up the application. The installation process is just like any other iOS/Android mobile application. All you need is a licensed account to login and start using our app.

LINX Dispatcher

The dispatcher is a web application that works on most browsers and is meant to be used from a computer or tablet to imitate a command & control center.

Dispatcher works in tandem with the mobile application. They are able to talk with, exchange files and monitor mobile units in real time. This allows workers on the ground to communicate with administrative staff working from the office or home.

Additionally, dispatchers can double as a safety management system to raise alert on workers’ mishap and report management system to provide analytics.

A conventional command & control system typically cost a bomb to own; but with LINX, the cost will only be a fraction of the former solution.

linx web application

Push-to-Talk Walkie Talkie Brands

We recommend the following brands for a Walkie Talkie handset if you decide that our Push-to-Talk over Cellular solution is not for you. Or if you have the desire to procure your own handset for our solution (ensure that the walkie talkie is operating on iOS/Android).

Motorola Walkie Talkie

Renowned brand across the globe, you can be sure to receive the best services and products.

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BaoFeng Walkie Talkie

Their value lies in their cheap and simple license-free two-way radio handsets.

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Kenwood Walkie Talkie

Ample presence in Singapore, handsets produced are of decent quality.

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Hytera Walkie Talkie

Chinese company, strong competitor to Motorola in producing quality radio handsets.

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Uniden Walkie Talkie

Their license-free two-way radio are easily accessible and heavily catered towards consumer use.

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Ecom Walkie Talkie

Produces intrinsically-safe handsets to work in hazardous environment.

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